Energy Efficient Homes- Heating Your Home For the Holidays

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energy efficient homes

When winter strikes, your main concern is keeping your home warm for your family and friends. Since the winter takes play into the holidays, maybe you should consider an energy efficient home.

What does an energy efficient home do and how do they work? Energy efficient homes are built with ICF construction and other materials that incorporate ICF that allow the home to run more eco-friendly. Being more eco-friendly will allow your home to gain the sources of energy that are lost.

Some of the sources of energy loss that occur in a convectional home are:

  • Air infiltration/ Convection
  • Roof
  • Slab/ Flooring
  • Windows
  • Walls

These are all major components of energy loss. With ICF construction, your existing or new construction home will attain the energy you’re seeking out. In a typical convectional home made with a wood frame will feel drafts coming in from the outside, which is a huge energy loss. The air infiltration for your home accounts for 40% of an energy loss when built with a wood frame. The drafts and the energy moving in and out of your home is due from various elements such as your air conditioning unit, cracks found within the foundation, and other spots within the home, especially your roof.

As for ICF construction built homes, ICF walls and roofing systems are very effective towards the air. ICF acts as a barrier because the concrete is solid, making it hard and almost impossible for air to leak in or out. Having this great concrete barrier allows the home to eliminate the majority of air infiltration. ICF homes are dependent on the roofing systems and seal that most conventional roofs and windows don’t cater to.

Wood framed homes and buildings have almost no thermal mass, unless they are finished with brick. Even though brick is thick and strong, it’s not the proper insulation that your home needs for energy efficiency. With ICF walls and flooring, it can reduce the requirements for active heating and cooling systems in many climates. In case of an outage, ICF construction built homes will take days to start feeling cool, when wood frame homes feel it within hours. This is a great bonus of ICF for the cool, winter days!

The results for ICF include a lower appetite for energy and more consistent, comfortable temperatures for inside the building. Wouldn’t it be nice to stay warm and cozy, instead of worrying about unwanted drafts from your roof or exterior walls? ICF is the solution to your many issues with heating and cooling.

Invite your friends and family over for the holidays without worrying about keeping a heated home. Keep a heated home by using less energy!

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