Polar Panel

Polar Panel

Polar Panel is a light weight, insulated concrete forming system made from rigid, high performance 2 lb. density expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam with extruded PVC channels and high strength composite connector ties.

PolarPanel can be designed and engineered to fit numerous residential and commercial applications. All exterior architectural claddings, such as Stucco, Brick, stone and Siding can be easily attached to PolarPanel ICF. Structures built with ICF’s are able to with stand natural disaster, are more economical to heat and cool, and have better sound transfer qualities. PolarPanel has a long proven track record and is by far the best choice for ICF construction.

PolarPanel, by design produces virtually a zero waste! Moreover its panel design greatly reduces shipping cost. In-fact, the EPS panels are produced by licensed manufacturers that are closest to the ICF project anywhere in the country.

PolarPanel utilizes a rail system to secure Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation during placement of concrete and provides connection points for securing wall finishing material. Walls are started by attaching the 60” Long U-Rails with cross-ties to the wall footings. Once U-Rails are in place, EPS panels 96” long are inserted into the rails. 60” assembled sections of H-Rails and cross ties are installed over the first course of foam panels. The second course of foam panels are inserted into the top channel of the H-Rails. This process is repeated until the wall is to the desired height. At the desired height, an inverted U-Rail is placed over H-Rails the top course of EPS panels.

Installation: We have qualified contractors available to install all of the products we sell. If you are an owner wanting to install our ICF system we provide on site training at no charge. If you are a contractor looking to add ICF to your products offered we will provide training at no charge.


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