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With springtime being a wet season from the multiple storms and flooding in the Midwest, the standing water and moisture draws in various insects. Not only do these insects live outside, but they make their way into your home through the exterior structure. How can this be highly reduced? ICF Construction.

Let’s compare the wooden frame structure to the ICF construction that contains a concrete base.

Wood Frame vs. ICF Construction

It’s more affordable up front and is the standard of building a residential or commercialized building. Having the lumber be less expensive than the ICF walls, it lowers the material costs but isn’t nearly as energy efficient. Energy efficiency will go a long way with how much your utility costs will be on a monthly basis.

With ICF construction, your home will be projected a life expectancy of 50 plus years. With material costs and finalized cost of the structure, you will spend more per square foot, but in the long run you will have a home that is better on energy efficiency, heating and cooling, and insect resistant.

As for insect resistance, ICF construction make it impossible for insects to enter the home through the exterior of the home. Whether it be windows, doorways, or the exterior of the home, insects have a difficult time making their way into your home with ICF because of it being a stronger structure using concrete walls rather than wood. Wooden frames are easily chewed through by various insects with one in particular, termites.

Termites are moderate to heavy within the Midwest region of the states, according to the EPS Industry Alliance. It’s stated that protecting your home’s structure from termites and other insects that are capable of working their way in through the exterior is important. Insulating your home with energy savings and stronger materials can eliminate the number significantly.

The purpose behind ICF construction is to create the barrier between the outdoors and the inside of your home.

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