Safe Rooms

Built with ICF are an easy and convenient way to add safety to an existing home or as a feature to an ICF home. For the add on room the components are small making it easy to bring the product in through a doorway, all that is required is adequate footing for the room to tie it down to the floor. For an ICF home converting a pantry or walk in closet to a safe room is an easy task, the walls and roof are poured with the walls of the home adding very little to the cost of the structure.

Why have a safe room inside an ICF home? Two reasons, first for personal safety in the case of a home invasion or similar situation, second a strong tornado will probably blow the windows out and a safe place to avoid the flying glass is a necessity.

ICF Safe Rooms

Insulated Concrete

Installation: We have qualified contractors available to install all of the products we sell. If you are an owner wanting to install our ICF system we provide on site training at no charge. If you are a contractor looking to add ICF to your products offered we will provide training at no charge.


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