Energy Efficient Homes- Ways to Lower Your Taxes

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Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Efficient Homes- Tis’ the season for taxes! Nobody likes this time of year, except for when you could be lowering your taxes through home improvements.

Homeowners who are making various changes to their home throughout the year qualify for different tax credits, as well as people who work from home. Are you looking at ways to maximize your refund, while revamping your home? Here are some ways you can do both!

Utilize Energy

Incorporating solar or other alternative energy sources within your home will improve the overall supply. Energy efficient homes that utilize the natural source of energy throughout their home are eligible for tax credits that offset some of the cost of installation.

Windows/ Doors

Homeowners that have reinstalled new windows are doors are eligible for a tax credit. Why? Because securing your home with better insulation such as exterior doors and windows conserves energy.

New Roof

The roof to your home is one of the largest investments because it protects everything underneath it. Just like new windows and doors, a roof can help right off some taxes. Incorporating a metal roof or asphalt roof that have a specialized coating for energy and cooling purposes will benefit your home.

Air & Heat

Upgrading home necessities such as air conditioning and water heating systems will grant you a tax credit.

Indoor Appliances

Creating an energy efficient home involves the items inside your home as well as the outside. Indoor major appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washing and drying machines, etc. are considered to be energy savers if they are a part of the Energy Star Rating.

Energy efficient homes are homes that incorporate the “green” effect. The “green” effect is being cautious about what you’re using indoors that could lead outdoors and vice versa. Investing in energy rated and performance utilities can get expensive, but since you’re investing in them the return is much greater than the up-front cost.

For example, our ICF products can be costly depending on the house project, but are worth the high percentage of savings on heating and cooling your home.

Are you looking to save on taxes and energy within your home?

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