Insulated Concrete Forms

Energy Efficient

Combine the thermal mass of concrete and the insulation value of high-density, expanded polystyrene with airtight construction and you will have a home that uses 30 to 45% less energy than stick frame construction.

Very Durable

When building your home, high quality materials are important. Insulated Concrete Forms are top quality in all aspects, and because it replaces dimensional lumber, you need not to worry about warping, twisting, shrinking, cracking, or dry rot.

Super Air Tight

Monolithic concrete walls eliminate the gaps and air leaks found in ordinary construction methods. A concrete home will maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere and keep out allergy irritants such as pollen and dust.

Long Lasting

Insulated Concrete Froms (ICF) homes are a solid investment. Built to last, they continue to offer low life cycle costs, including lower utility bills, reduced insurance premiums, and higher resale value. Your home will provide security and comfort for generations.

“In Oklahoma storms are a big deal so having a home so much safer than a traditional home is a nice feeling” James Ashford, Oklahoma

“I like the protection the concrete core of Insulated Concrete Forms give against weather and time.” Roy Wade, Kansas

"Living in Kansas, it's going to be nice to know that when storms come, my family will be safer inside Insulated Concrete Forms walls. When we considered the extra safety, better insulation, sound barrier, and building convenience, it was an easy decision to use the TF System! When people ask if we planned to have a safe room, I tell them we planned to have a safe house; surrounded by Insulated Concrete Forms walls!" Justin Weibers, Manhattan, Kansas

Why Greenline for your Insulated Concrete Forms?

Greenline Insulated Concrete Forms came into being after many months of research into the many different Insulated Concrete Forms products on the market (there are over 40 national brands). Greenline was committed to developing the best approach to Insulated Concrete Forms construction. With that goal in mind Greenline fashioned its business to support the customer whether a contractor or a do it yourself customer.

An ICF home is a legacy home lasting 100-500 years. While ICF construction costs about the same as 2X6 framing (3%-5% more than 2X4) any additional cost is offset in 2 to 3 years by smaller heating and cooling equipment and monthly utility bills that are 30% to 45% lower. Your new home will have a smaller carbon footprint and an average of 40 fewer trees are used in the construction of an ICF home. Additional benefits include a 55db reduction of noise from outside to inside allowing structures to be built near freeways and other noise pollution. With no seams or joints pests and rodents have no way in, dust and allergens are kept out.


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