EnergyEdge is the industry leader for slab edge insulation from its patented rail systems to its energy efficient goals. It's designed to decrease thermal transfer between the slabs and the exterior elements. These products help meet the code and energy efficient design goals. EnergyEdge products are very durable and are the solution for at-grade insulation and protection. EnergyEdge works on commercial and residential buildings. The energy savings are in the insulation. Insulating the exterior slab edge can reduce winter heating bills by 10-20%.

General Product Information

    • It provides and protects the insulation from grade to the wall system.
    • The Rails of FB & MB are 8" tall and can be stacked for additional coverage.
    • Rails are extruded PVC shell containing R-10 insulation.
    • Its products interface with various wall and exterior finish systems.
    • Optional accessories can be included for internal support during the installation process and corner elements.