Insulated Concrete Forms- Lower Heating Bills

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insulated concrete forms

Are you wanting to lower heating bills this fall and winter season? You can keep costs to a minimum with insulated concrete forms and ICF products.

There are various ICF products to use in order to lower heating bills during the cold season. Insulated concrete forms are the best way to protect your home from weather, insects, and preserve energy.

The three ICF products to lower heating bills would be: Insulbuck, Insul Tarp, and EnergyEdge.


Insulbuck is an alternative to the wood and vinyl block-outs for the ICF construction. Insulbuck is made to be cost effective, and easy to assemble to provide insulation around the opening. This type of ICF product is energy efficient and produces higher LEEDS points and reduce the energy waste. Insulbuck provides the insulation that wood and vinyl can’t accomplish. This product is truly green and is made from recycled material. The greatest part about it is that it can work with any wall width and ICF system. Our team is capable of assembling Insulbuck for you or an on-site contractor.

Insul Tarp

What’s Insul Tarp and how does it differ from Insulbuck? Insul Tarp is a very effective product that insulated the underneath portion of the concrete slabs. This product is lightweight with three thin layers with a protective poly coating on top. The poly coating is durable and protects against any potential damage to the surface, along with being impermeable to moisture. The overall aspect and design make it easy to install. With a quick installation, durable stature and effective vapor and Radon barrier, Insul Tarp creates a safe and comforting environment for the home and home owner.


EnergyEdge is one of our newest products we offer that’s an industry leader for slab edge insulation. EnergyEdge is patented with rail systems that are designed to decrease thermal transfer between the slabs and the exterior. The design and overall element meets the goal of energy efficiency. These products are very durable and are the best solution for at-grade insulation and protection. EnergyEdge works great on residential and commercial buildings, which have huge energy saving benefits. Insulating the exterior of a home or building with EnergyEdge can reduce and lower heating bills by 10-20% in the winter time.

ICF products hold the characteristics of being very durable, air tight, long lasting and energy efficient. Choosing to build your home with energy efficient and green material is a solid investment. Although the upfront cost is more than a traditional wood frame home, you’re receiving multiple benefits over time of low life cycle costs, lower utility bills, reduced insurance premiums and can resell for a higher value than what you bought or built it at.

Why choose insulated concrete forms? ICF construction will improve the way you live from the start to many years down the road.

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