Zont Bracing System

Fast to Install

A 'twist' of the wrist quickly locks the horizontal waler and vertical strongback in position.


Zont bracing is approximately 10% the cost of vertival bracing. Why rent conventional braces when you can buy for the same price?

Light Weight

Zont waler brackets and Zuckle wall aligners weight 11% the weight of conventional vertical bracing.

Easy to Transport

Fit 15 Zont braces (30 Zonts and 15 Zuckles) into a recycle bin and 5 gallon bucket. Try that with 15 conventional braces.


Use site available 2x4s, save on delivery and storage costs.

Height Adaptable

Brace short stem walls or 20' tall walls. Just add another row of Zonts and walers for every five feet of wall.

Zont Bracing

Zont Bracing

Zont Bracing