INSUL-DECK is a stay-in-place insulating concrete forming system for precast concrete and joisted concrete floors and roofs. The panels integrate the insulating capabilities of EPS with the structural strength of metal inserts.

Insulation and beam depth can be varied according to specific job requirements. The ability to vary the depth of the concrete beam can allow clear spans up to 40 feet using Post-Tensioning. By varying the insulation thickness of the panels you obtain an insulating R-value range of R-10 to R-25.


INSUL-Deck is used in movie theaters for it's excellent sound deadening properties of concrete floors and can help quiet an indoor environment by greatly reducing airborne noise transmission. In residential construction it can be used for floor decks between levels and roof systems covered with soil or green roofs. INSUL-DECK forms a one-way suspended slab design, where the joists only run in one direction, not two like a conventional concrete slab. This eliminates up to nearly half of the reinforcing steel, because the load is transferred mainly to two supporting elements, not four.



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