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ICF homes are built on slabs, but not all of those slabs are just made for ICF construction. Conventional construction is one of the main focuses for slab construction because it can be used with insulated concrete forms or conventional construction mechanisms.

Our products highlight the ICF homes because we believe homes should be the most energy efficient property that you own. Why? Your property and home is something that you live in every day by using electricity, power, heating/ cooling, water, etc. All of these utilities add up at the end of the month for your utility bills and heating and cooling bills, and most of the time they aren’t pretty. ICF can help reduce those costs significantly over time.

What is slab construction? Slab construction is a common structural element used in modern homes and buildings today. The horizontal steel slabs are reinforced concrete that are between 4 to 20 inches thick and are used mostly for construct floors or ceilings. Thinner slabs are used for exterior paving.

As for the insulated concrete forms products that are conventional and can be used in any construction are:

  • Insul-Tarp
  • Insul-Deck
  • FastFoot
  • Fast Form
  • EnergyEdge

Insul-Tarp is the effective product for when it comes to insulating under the concrete slabs. It’s cross woven with a polyethylene shell for durable construction traffic. Insul-Tarp will not crack or crumble during the installation, which allows the constant thermal break beneath the slab.

Insul-Deck is a product of Insul-Tarp. Insul-Deck is designed to insulate floors on other forms. It is a stay-in-place insulating concrete forming system to precast concrete and joisted concrete floors and roofs. It holds its strength of metal inserts that collaborate with the panels that insulate the floors and roofs.

FastFoot is used on locations with different elevations. It is made from a high density polyethylene fabric. This type of product replaces the lumber and plywood for forming the concrete footings. It’s a green product that is ideal for residential or commercial strip footings and pad edging.

As for Fast Form or Fast-Tube, this product is used for a padding around the round concrete columns. It’s made of high strength polyethylene, and comes on big rolls of 100’ in length and in three different diameters. Along with being very durable, it comes with sustainable advantages of no waste, undamaged by rain or moisture, strips in seconds, and can recycle as underslab membrane.

EnergyEdge, the industry leader in slab edge insulation, isn’t restricted and eliminates the foam boards. The product is designed to decrease the thermal transfer between the slabs and exterior elements. Insulating with the slab edge technology can reduce your winter heating bills by 10-20 %.

ICF homes are ideal for people who want to be green and save money! They are energy efficient, durable, air tight and are long lasting. Insulated concrete forms are designed to support the customer of a contractor or do it yourself customer.

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