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energy efficient homes

At Greenline Insulated Forms, we believe that building a home or adding onto an existing home that it should last you a lifetime! Incorporating various elements to make your home an energy efficient home has its many benefits.

There are many benefits when you choose an energy efficient home. Not only is it a trend that includes cost effective ways, but it’s a trend for looks too! People might seem strayed away from the idea and decision of an energy efficient home because of the price tag. When people don’t understand the products used are less than your traditional building costs.

One of our newest products to help provide and protect your home is EnergyEdge. EnergyEdge provides the energy efficiency you need for your home.

  • It provides the protects the insulation from grade to the wall system
  • Provides fence grade, UV stable PVC shells
  • Each insulation includes R-10 and EPS insulation with borate (borate is the equivalence to borax which eliminates termites and other bugs from eating away at your foundation)
  • The concrete gray coloring can be finished off with some paint and elastomeric (which coats the walls for more resistance against bugs and weather conditions

EnergyEdge can be used as the concrete form in a thickened slab application or used as a block-out in a wall form with 100% poured wall application. The products are to complete the thermal envelope at-grade.

EnergyEdge creates the energy efficient home of your dreams with all of its benefits from the foundation application.

Here are some people who are using the products to save energy, meet code and obtain the sustainable design goals:

“EnergyEdge is the ultimate solution for preventing heat loss through slab edge. This is the solution we have been looking for. EnergyEdge is as necessary for building as is insulated windows and walls.” – Brett Prather, Principal Architectural Innovations

“EnergyEdge is new to our design-build team, especially in the context of a 310,000 commercial office building governed by a market-rate construction budget. But we’ve embraced this idea and see so much value in understanding how to use EnergyEdge to its fullest potential now and in the future.” – Clint Blew, Senior Design Architect Burns & McDonnell Architecture.

As stated above, these projects can be projected by do-it-yourself. In order to use any of our products for a do-it-yourself project, it’s best to take the time and recognize what you’re going to need six to twelve months in advance.

Some other newer products for an energy efficient home are the Polar Panel, Fastfoot, Zont Bracing System, Fast Form Fast Tube, and Fab Form Monopour. These products are all unique and can produce the energy efficiency such as lowering cooling bills and heating costs come fall.

Greenline Insulated Forms provides the best approach to ICF with the goal in mind to have a contractor complete the work or a do-it yourself customer.

Check out our various green products today!

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