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Energy Efficient Homes

Stay safe, keep bugs out of your home, and support your home with energy efficiency. Energy efficient homes save you money, keep pests out and are safer than most homes.

ThermoForm is designed to think outside the ‘Block’. The insulated concrete forms from ThermoForm are strategically installed vertically opposed to the traditional horizontal ICF home. This follows a block method that allows more versatility, speed and ease of the construction site.

TransForm insulated wall systems bring the insulated concrete forms to a new and higher level. What is so unique about it? It differentiates itself from other concrete forms because it uses a hybrid system between regular poured concrete wall forms and insulated concrete forms. Unlike other ICF markets, this technique allows for the insulation on the outside of the wall to retain the thermal mass inside of your home.

This product brings great benefits to energy efficient homes. It uses lightweight and reusable components to professionally construct commercial homes and markets.

TransForm insulated concrete forms is the most innovative stat-of-the-art concrete wall systems in the industry of ICF. With over 20 years of success of providing quality energy efficient homes to our clients, we’re able to move on to more and more projects.

Insulated concrete forms displays a dramatically reduced energy usage, smaller landfills and a healthy and safe environment for your family.

All concrete walls are designed for energy efficiency, but TransForm insulated walls will bring the superior strength and reinforcement to the ICF market. What is used within the TransForm that makes it superior to other brands of ICF?

Polystyrene is used within all the products from ThermoForm. Polystyrene acts as a barrier to extreme outdoor temperatures. With insulating the concrete wall, it allows the concrete core temperatures to remain constant to prevent indoor temperatures from being affected by the seasonal fluctuation of temperatures outside of the home. By providing this effect, insulated concrete forms is able to reduce heating and cooling costs.

It provides innovative green technologies that allows structure to achieve the coveted status of energy neutrality. Each of the TransForm and ThermoForm products uses ICF to maximize energy efficiencies in different ways.

Another great way to build energy efficient homes is by incorporating LEED. LEED provides a positive environmental perspective to a community. They also practice with a green and cost saving manner. This type of program included better indoor air quality and plenty of daylight. Air quality to a home is the greatest aspect to take advantage of, especially if someone suffers from asthma or breathing complications.

Incorporating energy efficient ways into your home such as insulate concrete forms and LEED practices will reduce the energy costs, provide better air quality and protect during severe storms.

ThermoForm can be done by any contractor looking to add insulated concrete forms into their products. We can provide the training needed!

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