Why Choose Energy Efficient Homes?

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energy efficient homes

What’s the craze about having an energy efficient home? Does it mean your home is green? What’s the difference between conventional construction and ICF construction?

All of these questions get brought up with: insulated concrete forms.

Insulated concrete forms are what help create energy efficient homes along with other ICF products on the market. Throughout the nation, there are over 40 national brands of ICF. The difference between our products and others is that we’re committed to developing the best approach for ICF construction. Our products are meant to be assembled without complication, and can be done by a contractor or yourself if you’re experienced with construction.

Each project based on ICF is committed to making each project a success from the planning of the project to the pouring process. For example, a new home owner is investing a lot of their money for the future. Houses are a big investment, not just a purchase because the more that is put into it, the more you’ll get out of it later on (ROI). In order to get the most for your money, ICF products and construction are the best way to achieve that with energy efficiency and have a longer life expectancy.

Are you into being green?

Insulated concrete forms perform wonders along the lines of energy efficiency. For instance, the combination of thermal mass of concrete and the insulation value of high density, expanded polystyrene with airtight construction, you will have a home that uses up to 30%-45% less energy than a typical stick frame.

Some other green factors that play into energy efficient homes with ICF construction are:

  • Health Related- meaning no cavity for mold, mildew or bugs to enter.
  • Shifts thermal loading from peak points
  • Lower cost to heat and cool
  • Enhances steady temperatures
  • High-performance R-Values
  • No organic material within the walls

One of the biggest transitions from conventional construction to ICF construction is the structure and foundation. From a typical A-frame/ stick frame home to the concrete/ cement walls is tremendously stronger, durable, and is zero maintenance.

Since the structure and foundation of the walls are stronger, ICF walls are not vulnerable to rot or deteriorate as untreated lumber. With the stick frame/ wooden frame home, you have to worry about possible leaks reaching your foundation and frame. With ICF construction, it’s impossible to get into the walls to the steel. The steel that is buried in and protected by the concrete which won’t rust or corrode.

Insulated concrete forms are an on-going trend for new home construction because of the energy efficiency components.

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