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safe room

Are you tired of driving to the closest storm shelter when a severe storm hits? Well, now you don’t have to anymore with the safe rooms from Greenline Insulated Forms.

Greenline provides safety as one of their ICF constructions products. Insulated Concrete Forms build the safe room within a home to protect your family from severe weather and possible intruders. It’s the convenient way to add safety in an existing home and add that special safety feature to a fully constructed ICF home.

The ICF construction aspect of the safe rooms are very simple and come in small parts to assemble and build. This allows the safe rooms to be featured within any home due to the convenience of the small parts that are able to fit through a normal doorway. Although these rooms are easy to add on to an existing home, you have to have enough room in order to tie it down to the existing floor. Providing enough adequate space within your home to fit the safe room will provide you the finished safety net you want.

If you’re not sure where you can add a safe room within your home, you can add it in very unique spaces that you could convert into a safe room with ICF construction. A couple of places within your home could include the pantry or walk-in-closet. These two places are great to convert into a special room if you’re fighting for space. You’d still be able to use it normally as a pantry for food or closet for your clothing. The walls and roofing above would get converted to ICF with concrete poured into both. This creates the protection you need and adds very little costs to construct.

Another question may pop up about ICF homes. What if I already have an ICF constructed home? What’s the benefits of having an ICF safe room within my ICF home? The safe room aspect within your ICF home will create more personal safety in case of a home invasion or a very strong storm, in which could blow the windows through. Although that is unlikely to happen with the ICF constructed homes, it’s always smart to be extra safe in those times. This room would provide that extra cushion so you and your family would be safe from flying glass and flying objects.

Along with the protection, Greenline provides protective doors. These are heavy commercial steel doors that range up to FEMA certified doors. The unique aspect of these heavy steel doors is that they are incased in the concrete walls and sealed with concrete. The best way to be safe in a severe storm or invasion is being surrounded by concrete walls.

If you’re interested in the safe room or ICF construction homes, Greenline offers various products in order to fulfill your safety and energy efficient needs for your home.

Stay safe with your ICF room or house from Greenline!

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