The new year

9:46 pm | Updates

The beginning of a new year with lots of promise on many fronts. Forecasts for new home production are trending higher, sale prices are trending higher, and interest rates are staying at historical lows. All this makes for a great time to build that new home you have been wanting.

Building that new home using ICF technology will build into the home better quality and lower total living cost. ICF is a super insulator lowering your energy bill 35-40% while providing you with a quieter dust and pollen free home. Any floor plan can be used with no limits on size or shape even a floor plan drawn for wood framing can be used with little modification. Sketch out your plan or get a copy of the floor plan and give us a call. We offer free training to first time users of our products.

We also carry a number of items that help complete your building, from Insulated window and door frames to water proofing for basements.