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ICF Construction Tulsa

There are many different ways to save energy by having an eco-friendly home, but the best way to conserve the energy, stay eco-friendly and save costs is through ICF construction Tulsa. The most important aspect and feature to the ICF construction Tulsa is the fact you can have a safety room built.

Building with ICF construction Tulsa is the best of both worlds. You get a great end product that saves energy and energy costs, along with supplying you with the longevity and value of the home.

Along with those great perks for what you’re paying for, you can stay very safe as well, with the Oklahoma storms that blow through.

The safe rooms with ICF construction Tulsa is your convenient way to add safety within your home or as a feature within your entire ICF home. It would be added onto your home with a special safe room door. These safe rooms constructed are very durable, sustainable and are lifesaving. Within your home, you’ll need space to save or space in your current home for adequate footing for the room to be able to tie down to the floor. The easiest tasks to take on are the smaller ones that already exist within your current home. These could include pantries, closets, etc. Converting these smaller spaces into ICF construction safe rooms by just adding the little structural costs to fill in the walls and ceilings.

What’s the point of having a safe room? Not just any safe place to hide out while a severe storm blows through, but it will make you have security without leaving your home. Everything is in one place, so the family can huddle within seconds if needed. Not only does it protect you during storms such as tornadoes, but it will keep your personally safe if a home invasion were to ever happen. The safe rooms by the ICF construction would protect you from any flying glass, broken parts of the house or anything that would blow through.

Now for the safe room doors, Greenline carries all different kinds of safe room doors. There are heavy commercial steel doors and FEMA certified doors in able to keep you safe during any tragic incident. These different types of doors will provide the same safety features and factors, but can provide with different levels of security. The door frames are installed differently compared to normal doors. The safe room doors by ICF construction Tulsa build into the ICF wall, which making them surrounded by concrete. Set and stoned into the concrete, no one is getting in from the outside of the safe room.

Choosing to build with ICF construction Tulsa has many great features and safety perks, along with the energy efficiency side. Who wouldn’t want to save money on energy costs with electricity today and have a safe place to hide during an Oklahoma tornado?

Stay safe, save costs and be eco-friendly with ICF construction.

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