ICF Construction and Lower Cooling Bills

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ICF construction and lower cooling biils

Hot. Muggy. Sticky. Humid. These are the words that are used for the summer season of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is known for its hot and humid weather. In order to stay cool, you have to crank up the air conditioning. ICF construction can lower cooling bills from its structure.

Our ICF construction involves three different products in order to build the ICF homes efficiently and effectively.

In order to lower cooling bills, we use polar panels, TF forming and Insul-deck.

Polar Panel

The purpose behind Polar Panel is to insulate the home very well. It’s a very light weight material that is made from a rigid and high performance of density expanded polystyrene EPS foam, including extruded PVC channels. It includes high strength composite connector ties as well.

Polar Panel can be used and fit for numerous residential and commercial applications. They can easily be attached to pre-existing stucco, brick, stone and siding. With this design, it produces almost no waste at the end of the build.

This system utilizes a rail system to secure Expanded Polystyrene EPS insulation during the placement of concrete. It also provides connection points for securing wall finishing material.

TF Forming

Opposed to Polar Panel, TF Forming System – Thermoform, is vertically placed instead of the typical horizontal placement like traditional build. The railings are placed and then the concrete is poured to fill in the gap, which leaves everything standing in place.

The benefits are tremendous that come with TF Forming Systems. It stands as a disaster resistant building that can block heavy winds and storms. They are very energy efficient due from the barrier the concrete structure makes, which makes everything warmer or cooler depending on the season. The home is very low maintenance meaning less dust, dirt, pollen and allergens coming into your ICF home.

The power of LEED is the fact that it is considered green technology and saves energy. As for construction and the costs of construction, it’s kept to a minimum and is not greater than a typical frame home construction.

Using ICF construction, it can use 32% less energy to cool than comparable frame houses.


This product, Insul-Deck, is a stay-in-place insulating concrete forming system for precast concrete and joisted concrete flooring or roofs. These panels are very durable and strong.

The Insul-Deck can help keep an indoor environment greatly reduced airborne noise transmission.

ICF construction can really help lower cooling costs significantly. The ICF construction has great energy efficient measures, it is very durable and has air tight qualities. It’s very long lasting.

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