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Best Insulated Concrete Forms

Best Insulated Concrete Forms- Spring time is approaching us quickly, which means swimming pools will start being put in, replaced, coated and opened.

Nobody likes to jump into a frigid pool and freeze. Natural heat and sunlight serve a purpose.

There are multiple processes to get the most out of your pool. You have to factor in the all the different costs with maintaining a pool and by using the correct products.

If you are looking for a swimming pool that will last you a long time with lowered costs, you should check out the ICF swimming pools. ICF is a great way to get the best for your buck, without costing you a great sum.

Pool that are insulated by liners and other ways around the pool are alright. Insulated Concrete Form pools are the way to go. The pools are built with a R27 insulated wall to hold the heat of the water in the pool. This allows the pool to heat up and get ready for those spring and summer seasons.

The main reasoning to putting in an ICF swimming pool over another kind of pool is because of the energy saving factor. An ICF pool saves 50% energy costs on your energy bill opposed to regular pools.

This type of pool is a natural way of heating your pool, rather than spending lots of dollars on those heating systems that will rack up your monthly bills. In addition with lowered costs, the ICF pools are very eco-friendly. With ICF pools, you’ll be guaranteed a lifetime of a pool with much higher value opposed to regular pools.

Even though construction time is about the same exact timing as regular pools, ICF swimming pools will guarantee quality and leak-free value.

Another reason to build with ICF swimming pools is the conventional concrete used. Insulated Concrete Forms are a stay-in-place concrete forming product that serves as a functional stature and wall after the concrete is poured. Instead of just pouring concrete into a hole for a pool, ICF strategically places the concrete between stable walls that will hold the composite together. These walls are energy efficient, solid and shows a high performance structure.

One of the products used for an ICF pool is the sider-crete. The sider-crete is a waterproofing coating for the swimming pools and water features. This involves a multi-coat process of plasters within the pool to make the ICF pool water tight and durable. The two main advantages to this concealer are no cracks and tile application is easy. Nobody wants cracks within their concrete pool enabling water to leak.

The installation process is very easy and done by our ICF qualified professional contractors. This process can also be a DIY (Do it Yourself) project if you’re up for it.

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