Best ICF Construction- Allergies

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Best ICF Construction- Allergies

The best ICF construction homes will reduce the allergens from reaching inside the home.

Along with having the green construction features, eliminating as many allergens that reach inside the home is a great structured feature. If you have a family member or child with really bad allergies, the best ICF construction options would be a possibility to look into when building a new home.

With the best ICF construction, your home will contain solid concrete walls. The solid concrete walls act as a barrier against air infiltration. There is a drastic difference with having the ICF concrete walls compared to the standardized and commercial walls because ICF can block the infiltration and leakage up to 75 percent more. These walls are so sturdy and can block mostly anything that tries to creep into your home. Breathing in bad air infiltration won’t be good for allergies.

Speaking about air, the best ICF construction homes are non-toxic. The air content from these ICF homes have almost a total absence of any emissions. What are air emissions? This is just a fancier way of describing air pollution. Air emissions are any kind of substance released into the air from natural or human sources. These could include gases, liquids or even solid particles. Such things like wildfires, gases in the air and vehicle exhausts wouldn’t make their way into your home. With the best ICF construction, these type of pollutants wouldn’t find their way into your home.

Another great outcome from the best ICF construction is the elimination of gaps or captivities in the walls. This simply means that the concrete walls are able to prevent trapped moisture and mold. Mold is very bad to breathe in, especially for ones with allergies. Mold is a type of fungus that you don’t want producing in your home.

Places that would collect the fungi to grow in your home are where moisture holds and water is used. These could pertain to the bathroom, laundry room or the kitchen. This could also be a room below the room collecting the moisture, with leakage onto the ceiling. If this is happening in your home, you should look into the best ICF construction because you don’t want leakage, especially mold build-up. Breathing this in is not good for your health.

A couple points to look at between the best ICF construction to regular commercial building is that wood framing and drywall are able to produce mold, which they can locate food sources and feed from that. ICF walls have EPS and concrete that ignore the source of mold. For allergy purposes, the best ICF construction reduces the air pollution and leakage within your home. This is a great way to live in the environment that is the safest for allergy sufferers.

The best ICF construction is one of the best construction alternatives to commercial construction ways because it reduces the allergens leaking into your home. The concrete walls are very durable and can’t hold mold and leakage. Choose ICF for your next home!

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