Concrete Wall Forms- The Best Investment

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concrete wall forms

Concrete Wall Forms- Heating your home during the holidays and winter season can get expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to know of a long-term way to decrease the expense?

Yes. Concrete wall forms by Greenline Insulated Forms is your solution. Heating your home is necessary in order to keep everyone comfortable and warm during the cold season.

As for heating your residential home, ICF lowers your bills by 60%. Wow! That’s a great percentage to drop for heating a home. For example, if you’re paying $600 a month, you will now start paying $360 for the month. With the concrete wall forms, it makes heating and cooling your home easier than ever. It comes with a larger initial price tag, but you’re making a great investment.

How is it an investment rather than just a lump sum of money being paid? The way Greenline looks at it is that your making a new investment, not a purchase or cost. This new investment will have a great ROI (return on investment) in the long run for your home. Pay more up front and return by paying less over time.

Another great aspect of the concrete wall forms is that it makes it impossible for critters, bugs, spiders, and mice to enter your home. If you’re used to the conventional and traditional construction, those pests are capable of crawling through cracks and holes within your wood panels in the foundation.

On the contrast, commercial sites and buildings can incorporate ICF and concrete wall forms too. Heating a larger space such as a commercial building get expensive as well because of the taller ceilings and poor insulation that can be used. With ICF construction, the commercial building can significantly drop the monthly price of heating costs. Don’t make the mistake of not having ICF implemented or incorporated into your commercial building.

With wood frame buildings and homes, they have almost no thermal mass, unless it’s finished brick. Even though brick is thick, it’s not the proper way to “insulate” a property. The higher mass construction built properties with ICF reduces the active heating and cooling systems for a better climate. For example, when the power goes out and so does your heat, in a typical conventional building will get cold within minutes as where ICF takes days for the interior temperature to drop.

Whether you’re dealing with residential or commercial buildings, consider concrete wall forms to create a better living, working, and overall environment.

Other forms of ICF are beneficial to your residential home and commercial building with energy savings and safety:

  • Polar Panel (insulation that provides durability to withstand natural disaster, economical heating and cooling, and better sound transfer)
  • TF Forming (vertical wall panel made from concrete)
  • InsulBuck (alternative for wood and vinyl block-outs that provides cost effective and energy efficient matters)
  • EnergyEdge (uses slab edge construction for energy efficient goals)

Be proactive with your home and commercial buildings with ICF construction.

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